Mission, Vision, Values


    NMS believes that the application of nanotechnology to the drug delivery challenge will transform the quality-of-life landscape for humanity.

    The NMS MISSION is to meet the growing demand for improved safety, efficacy, and cost in patient treatment with a suite of innovative nanotechnology-based drug delivery devices offering life-changing, in-body, dynamic control of the delivery of therapeutic molecules.

    The NMS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT VISION is that our platform system architecture will harness the power of technology convergence to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation R&D, yielding revolutionary devices in revolutionary time.



    NMS products help people…

    • Achieve improved quality of life by enabling the era of personalized medicine
    • Be cured from diseases through the controlled long-term delivery of drugs and biologics
    • Reduce negative side effects of long-term treatments of chronic disease
    • Overcome disability with smart therapeutic delivery to augment body systems
    • Recover from trauma through controlled dosing of recovery agents


    • Patient focus
    • Partner commitment
    • Quality in products and services
    • Integrity, transparency and professionalism
    • Scientific innovation and problem solving
    • Every employee is respected, valued and accountable for his/her actions
    • Dedication and perseverance, always meeting expectations
    • Open and timely communications with colleagues and clients
    • Responsibility to our shareholders
    • Accept and embrace change