Business Strategy

    NMS will partner with Pharma companies to provide long-term, smart drug deliver for both approved and pipeline drugs using our proprietary technology (See Diagram Below)

    Strategic benefits for a Pharma company partner

    • access to innovative new technology
    • new market demand
    • lifecycle extension of approved drugs about to “turn generic”
    • dramatically increased return on investment in R&D and marketing

      NMS will partner with Medical companies to research, develop, and provide nanotechnology components and solutions for their healthcare products

      Strategic benefits for a Medical company partner

      • development according to healthcare product regualtory requirements - in place
      • leadership team and technical staff with decades of product R&D experience in micro/nano structures, implantable medical devices, and advanced semiconductor/chemical processing
      • access to advanced facilities and expertise to support any micro/nano R&D and fabrication challenge


      NMS will provide high return to our partners and investors by leveraging our technology and core competencies through creativity, innovative products, and new market opportunities

      Strategic benefits for an Investor

      • reduced risk with pharma partner funding and formulation support
      • platform technology expands to other drugs and products
      • semiconductor manfuacturing model provides advanced technology at high margin
      • nanotechnology development services provide revenue and new opportunities


      Relationship of NMS to Pharma Partners and the Market