About NanoMedical Systems, Inc.


    NanoMedical Systems (NMS) was founded by Randy Goodall, Mauro Ferrari and Dave Saathoff in 2007 to develop products and commercialize the PMDS drug delivery platform – a convergence of  semiconductor, biotechnology, MEMS/NEMS, nano-materials, and pharmaceutical sciences. NMS is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  The company is staffed with medical device and drug development experts and utilizes external contract services and facility partners to execute its development plans in a capital-efficient manner.


    The mission of NMS is to meet the growing demand for improved safety, efficacy, and cost in patient treatment with a suite of innovative  nanotechnology-based drug delivery devices offering life-changing, in-body, dynamic control of the delivery of therapeutic molecules.


    Company Commitment

    NMS will continue to use converging technologies to advance drug delivery therapies to achieve improved healthcare with minimal inconvenience to a patient’s lifestyle.  We will provide  drug delivery systems that allow for  short- and long-term therapeutic effects that require as few medical facility visits as possible reducing the cost of healthcare world wide.

    Business Strategy

    NMS will partner with Pharma companies to provide long-term, smart drug deliver for both approved and pipeline drugs using our proprietary technology.

    NMS will partner with Medical companies to research, develop, and provide nanotechnology components and solutions for their healthcare products.

    NMS will provide high return to our partners and investors by leveraging our technology and core competencies through creativity, innovative products, and new market opportunities.



    Since it’s incorporation in 2007, NMS has been populated  with people with extensive experience in the  Medical and Semiconductor industries, thus converging expertise in every facet of the bio-medical  drug delivery industry.


    Board of Directors

    From the Chairman of the Board to the individual Directors, NMS has been governed by some of the leading  Business and Medical minds in the U.S.