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    NanoMedical Systems is developing the Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System (PMDS) – an implanted drug delivery platform with customizable design tailored to dose, duration, size, and shape.


    Product Overview

    For billions of people around the world improved healthcare is the primary means to a better quality of life. Awareness of continued advances in healthcare and drug delivery technologies is driving the demand for higher quality, advanced drug delivery systems.

    Our drug delivery system is a new alternative to current treatments of long regimens of injections and/or clinical visits. The controlled release of the drug from the implant may allow for:

    • Improvement of therapeutic outcomes
    • Decrease of the debilitating side effects of therapy
    • Availability of treatment in circumstances when access to medical facilities is limited
    • Convenience of delivery of treatment during day rather than in medical facilities
    • Substantial savings in the cost of treatment



    NanoMedical Systems (NMS) was founded by Randy Goodall, Mauro Ferrari and Dave Saathoff in 2007 to develop products and commercialize the PMDS drug delivery platform –
    a convergence of semiconductor, biotechnology, MEMS/NEMS, nano-materials, and pharmaceutical sciences.